Voyage name: 
22 October - 22 November 2015
36 degrees 35 minutes South
16 degrees 19 minutes West

Currently located 250nm West of Tristan Da Cunha and experiencing light and variable winds with a confused 2m swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 14 degrees.

Welcome to day 15 of our voyage

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 15 of our voyage. Just as we were starting to enjoy some good sailing the wind died during the early hours of this morning and we were left becalmed with heavy rain soaking the morning watch which isn’t a pleasant way to start your day.

Given these conditions it has been a fairly relaxed day with the most exciting thing happening being the mix up of the watches. This we have done during other passages of the World Voyage as it gives everyone the chance to change watches and get to spend more time with other members of the crew. We even do this with the Staff which then enables the World Voyages to work with other Staff Members as well.

Currently we are located 250nm to the west of Tristan Da Cunha motor sailing in light and variable conditions. The wind is forecast to freshen again tomorrow so hopefully we have some good conditions to be able to sail to Tristan Da Cunha where we still plan to anchor on Saturday if the conditions are suitable.

Writing tonight’s Captains Log is the new Red Watch so please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye
Captain Gav

Day 14 or 15. The days have melted together so we’re not entirely sure.

Early morning watches started with a discussion of mid-voyage goals. We were all pretty happy with our achievements so far – smashing the captain’s setting and furling yesterday, but we put a few more goals on that list to tackle. An exciting observation was made at 4am, with three lights spotted on the horizon. With nothing showing up on the radar, and our early morning deliriousness, we were a little suspicious of what these shining globes were. We soon confirmed it was just a fishing boat, exciting though, any sign of human life raises excitement these days.

Masterchef Marcos spiced up things by teaching us all how to make raisin bread. A few delicious rolls and loaves were dearly appreciated by all at breakfast. These warm delights were a blessing in what was a horribly wet morning, where all of us on watch got soaked. We’ve attempted to make the best use of the warm engine room, decorating it with clothes and shoes to dry.

Today was a slow day for activities, following the usual morning brief and happy hour, we had an extended rest period due the big “Switch-ups, swap-a-roo” of our watches. The 3 existing watches, each consisting of 8 world voyage crew members, were shuffled. This means some members will pull the guts watch (midnight till 4am) two days in a row. This group made good use of the extended midday rest period. It will be a good challenge for all of us, putting us out of our comfort zone just as we were starting to get settled.

The afternoon entertainment consisted of a viewing of “The guardians of the galaxy”, however many of us spent this time napping, catching up on some much needed sleep.

Captain Gav confirmed for us today that we have permission to anchor at Tristan Da Cunha for a short visit. This is the most remotely inhabited island in the world! Unfortunately over the day the wind has died down and we are currently running on engines, in an effort to stay on schedule for our visit. Fingers crossed the weather will let us anchor on Saturday. We are all extremely excited to make this a possibility.

A group of the male crew are participating in Movember from the middle of the Atlantic! We would love to have your support in this great cause. Log on to the Movember website and search for the Young Endeavour group.

And that’s about all for today. Other than a shout out to Dougie who just walked in sporting a fabulous pair of pants featuring Mr Strong from Mr Men, Very red. Appropriate as it is the new red watch writing this blog!

Young Endeavour out.

Shout Outs!

Hey Jodie, Mum and Dad, Shout out #2. (go back a few days if you missed the first) Doing movember again. Please donate!! Love you Jodie, Matt.

Hey Mum, Dad, Caitlyn, Tom and Pat, miss you all loads! Amie, can’t wait to see you in Cape Town! Good luck with exams! Love you, Hope xx

Sending love to Rattle St and Misty Hill... Today was beautiful, calm and soft, I was thinking of you. I’m glad to still have a couple more weeks to figure this ocean out. For the one who might wonder, I’ve some statistics to report; GP: 9, SS:7, PLUs: all and none. Wish I could talk to you! Thank you for my book. It gives me a feeling as warm as steel cut oats with cream.