Voyage name: 
V07/21 Gladstone to Airlie Beach
02 Jul - 12 Jul 2021
21 01.3' S
150 00.8' E
Wind: Light and Variable, Sea: nil, Swell: SE at 1.5 m Weather: fine, Temp: 19 deg C
After a run ashore to Middle Percy Island this morning, we weighed anchor after lunch and commenced our passage to the Whitsunday Islands. In the afternoon we did our first session of Tacking Stations and then rotated the Watches through the other Watches' positions so they experienced what their Tacking duties entail.
Today 6/07/2021 After a good night sleep at anchor near Middle Percy Island, we had delicious pancakes cooked on the barbie for brekkie. Our morning was spent exploring the shores of Middle Percy Island. We left a small wooden replica of the Young Endeavour signed by all crew in the Yacht Club hut amongst other traveller’s possessions. The Youthies engaged in many team building activities and had a beautiful, salty swim in the clear, blue water. Some even had a cracking time cracking coconuts on the island. We returned to the ship for a fabulous lunch before learning about the ocean road rules and some important terminology for setting and furling sails. Fun fact, the Young Endeavour is unique in the fact that it has square sails. We then set sail and the remainder of the afternoon was spent practicing in our tacking positions. This was physically demanding, but the team pulled together and achieved an incredible task. For those who were not prepared… with their gloves still below deck, our hands look more red than Archie’s hair. We were rewarded with a beautiful view of whales not too far from the ship. Finally, an amazing dinner was followed by a long night of watches. Amber & Millie  ------------------------ Thank you Amber and Millie, for your insightful report on the day's activities. Unfortunately the wind has abated since Tacking this afternoon so it looks like we may have to motor-sail overnight. The plan is to anchor off Whitehaven Beach tomorrow morning and to go in to the beach for a swim for a couple of hours, before proceeding to sea again in the aftenoon. Until tomorrow evening. Yours Aye, Catpain Mike
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