19° 32' South
118° 2' East
Currently located 55nm NW of Port Hedland motor sailing due to very light SW winds.
Hi Everyone,
Overnight the wind freshened from the south east which is becoming a common occurrence for this voyage. Following morning brief we brought the Ship under a full press of sail for the first time this voyage and with wind gusts of 24kts we managed to achieve respectable speeds of 7-8kts. By 1300 we were located 60nm to the north east of Port Hedland now having to motorsail due to moderating winds which had now become light and variable. During the afternoon we completed another session of rope races which was followed by Paul (Boats Officer) informative and important presentation on ���Rules of the Road'. During the latter part of the afternoon the focus was on sail work and in particular how to set and clew up square sails. This activity was interrupted on numerous occasions by the sightings of pods of Humpback Whales who like us are heading south. Overnight the Youth Crew will complete the ���Apples and Onions' exercise (a peer assessment activity) while we continue to make ground to our planned anchorage for tomorrow which is at the Montebello Islands.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav