33° 10' South
152° 0'
Current situation at 1800: Off Newcastle, Course 270, Speed 6kts, Wind Nor'easterly at 12kts. Temp 16C.
Overnight we sailed north east to Port Stephens and arrived there as the wind started to ease. A huge southerly swell is making life interesting onboard as there is not too much wind around to keep us leaning in one direction. The Youth Crew are slowly overcoming their seasickness and more and more smiles are appearing, but the Chef, Woody, hasn't had too many customers the last two days - all the more for the Staff Crew to eat.

After Happy Hour and morning tea, Damo, the stand-in Navigator, gave a lecture on........navigation. Then after lunch the generators were stopped and Young Endeavour ghosted along in light easterly winds under crystal clear skies. The Youth Crew took that opportunity to recharge batteries in an afternoon siesta - mostly on deck. Later, the wind failed us completely, and all the sails were handed in and gasketted, and the engines started for our return to Broken Bay. Rotational tacks will have to wait for Brother Nutzi to conjure up the wind. Quite a few Humpback whale pods have been sighted this afternoon - and they always put on a show.

Our plan for the next 24 hours is to investigate the upper reaches of Broken Bay, such as Akuna Bay and Bobbin Head, before anchoring off a deserted beach for an afternoon ashore. The weather forecast is good and it should be a great day for a BBQ.

Youth Crew entry is from Shantal Arnold, 20, of Devonport, Tasmania:
If there were two words to describe my voyage so far they would be 'challenging' and 'rewarding'. A major personal challenge for me was climbing aloft - it looks so high. After a bit of encouragement and positive thinking I made it and will make it again - it can't get more rewarding than making it to the top.

Spot on, Shantal...

Speak to you tomorrow