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CO's Log Monday 18 Jun 01

Current situation at 1800: At anchor Black Point, Port Essington. Temp 27C, Wind sou'east at 17 knots.
Command Days completed today with the YC successfully reaching their objective at Port Essington. Then the onboard pool was opened for a quick dip before we headed ashore to talk about the Command Days. Afterwards we toured the local museum, walked the beach (on the lookout for crocs) and played some sport. We did end up spotting one crocodile. He or she submerged soon after spotting us.

Tomorrow we will sail before lunch and head west through Clarence Strait and the Vernons to Darwin, arriving there in the afternoon.

Youth Crew entry by Koryn Jacobs, 16, Port Macquarie NSW.
It is so difficult to express just how challenging yet rewarding this voyage has been. The Young Endeavour is so far from reality whilst its lessons can be so well applied to the real world. At this time though, the real world seems forever away. When you put together a group of young people, adventurous, unique, determined, passionate, out there, you get the Young Endeavour Youth Crew. It is these 23 strangers and the ships staff that help you to deal with being put out of your comfort zone, learn about yourself and them and most of all always give you something to laugh about. The relationship between these people has been even more strengthened at the end of Command Day. Although I myself did not participate in the sailing of the ship during this time the team work was still practiced even in the galley where I spent the time cooking, with someone always offering to help out. Not only have I been able to spend the last two weeks with these amazing people but I have been able to do this in the most spectacular surrounds. The landscapes and seascapes in this part of Australia are definitely more unusual and real then I have experienced before...oh and we've done a bit of sailing too!!

It is said on the Young Endeavour that \If you're not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space.\" and on the Young Endeavour you are certainly living on the edge. Mum, Dad, Kai, Liam, Inez, Tim, all the oldies and all the girls, I miss you all. I can't wait to show you all my photos and tell you everything. See you soon. Love Rinny.

Youth Crew entry by Zoe Morgan 18, Townsville.
I don't believe you can fully understand the experience of the Young Endeavour unless you are one of us so lucky to be on board. My prior apprehension about being with 23 strangers, in a place I've never been before, doing things that I've never done before, were definitely not founded.

Despite my seasickness and my absolute terror of heights I've loved almost every moment and I did manage to climb the mast (However, I'm still to climb to the ends of the yards). I don't think that I've met 23 nicer people than the Youth crew on board, a great bunch of people from all around Australia with the courage to accept the challenge and the determination, the spirit and the attitude to do so in both favourable and less than favourable conditions. The staff crew are awesome also, although I must say they are definitely not what I expected. Without a crew so unique and supportive, I don't believe that it would have been possible to achieve what we did and the voyage would not have been so beneficial and memorable.

I honestly believe that in the past two weeks aboard the Young Endeavour I have learnt more about myself and other people than I have to date in my 18 years of life. Not always things that I'm proud of, but things that I know will make me a better person as a result. Its sad to think how quickly these seventeen days are progressing and I wish they never had to end, however all good things must come to an end and I'm very proud, honoured and lucky to have been given this experience of a lifetime. I can't thank everybody on board enough for the experience that they have given me and I only wish everybody could experience what I have !!!

For anybody out there considering the young Endeavour Youth Scheme, it's an experience that I will never forget and I would recommend it to anybody. Love always Kim, Trevor, Frances, Nina, Morgan and Dutchess !!!
I'm having the time of my life!

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis"