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Alongside Bulimba, Brisbane River. Wind: Light
airs, Temp:17c
Situation at 20:00-

Voyage V17/02 commenced this afternoon when a full complement of Youth Crew arrived onboard and the ship got underway from the Dockside Marina at 16:00. There were several family members and
friends on hand to wish us Bon Voyage, but no sooner had the ship cleared the Wharf than the first day's program started off. During the short trip down river, the Youth Crew completed their
'Icebreaker' exercises and got to know each other.

The Staff Crew for the voyage are Captain John, Executice Officer Paul (Chook), Navigator Aaron (Bullet), Watch Officer Luke, Engineer Simon (Stewy), Chef Karen (Kaz), White Watch Leader Chantel (Channie), Red Watch Leader Athol (Wiggy) and Blue Watch Leader Lauren (Lollie).

The Youth Crew have just completed their first climb aloft, which saw them go up the port ratlines, over the lower futtock shrouds,
across the lower top and down the starboard Ratlines. All hands completed this challenge with little or no difficulty and are enjoying a cup of Kye (Hot Chocolate) on the upper deck courtesy of
Chef Karen. The first watch will close up in a little while and the overnight activities will commence.

It is a long way to Sydney and we will most likely have to beat to windward for the majority of the time so we have our work cut out for us to ensure that we arrive on time and complete all segments of the voyage. The Youth Crew have made an excellent first impression and we are all looking forward to participating in a terrific voyage.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: In September the Ship will commence the second of her two annual maintenance periods for 2002. Over five weeks YOUNG ENDEAVOUR will receive new propeller shafts, have damaged and worn rigging replaced and be painted inside and out. Over this time the Ship will also be completely surveyed by Lloyd's of London 'Lloyd's Register of Shipping' to ensure she complies with all the requirements of this prestigious classification society which is recognised as the world leader for the certification of sail training vessels

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Reef- To put a reef in a sail is to reduce the area of that sail by tying a section of it together using reef points. Roller reefing is carried out by rolling part of a sail around its spar or stay. Handy Billy-A small portable tackle used for
general purposes.

Thought of the day: Growth is a never-ending process that can be accomplished under the most adverse circumstances. Growth can be achieved from one's attempts to...'Go for the perfect try.' Sarah
Smeltzer and Joe Petriccione

Yours, Aye

John Cowan