Voyage name: 
23 November - 23 December 2015
35 degrees 55 minutes South
109 degrees 4 minutes East

Currently located 290nm WSW of Cape Leeuwin and experiencing strong 17-22kt SE winds with a 2-3m SSW swell. Our Current speed is 8kts and the temperature is thirteen degrees.

Welcome to day 27 of our voyage

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 27 of our voyage. The wind gods have continued to smile upon us and we are still getting strong 17-22kt SE winds, which is currently giving us a boat speed of 8kts but we expect that to change early tomorrow morning when the wind backs to the east. We have been expecting this change and have kept ourselves further south than originally planned so that we can alter course to the NNE when this change occurs and hopefully have ourselves well positioned to take advantage of the forecasted winds over the next 48hrs to make landfall then sail up the West Australian Coast.

Being a Sunday the majority of the crew enjoyed a sleep in and all of us have had a fairly relaxed day with little to do besides catch up on some sleep, enjoy a movie and of course keep our watches n the bridge. The one person who hasn’t enjoyed an easy day is Chef Jenko who has kept extremely busty preparing great meals and also getting the pantry and the freezer clean ready for our arrival into Fremantle and our inspection by Customs and Quarantine.

Currently we are located 290nm WSW of Cape Leeuwin sailing under fore and aft sail with a little assistance from the port main engine and experiencing stronger than expected 17-22kt SE winds with a 2-3m SSW swell. If we can continue to maintain our current speed we should make landfall on the West Australian Coast around sunrise on Monday morning.

Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log or should I call it the Young Endeavour News is Rebecca and Dylan from Blue Watch, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, please take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Good evening and welcome to tonight’s edition of the Captain’s Log, brought to you by Dylan and Rebecca.

Our top story tonight, the reuniting of our original watches (Red, White and Blue).

After weeks of speculation, World Voyagers of the Young Endeavour were finally reunited with their founding groups and in turn their original watch leaders. To mark the celebration, Blue Watch donned blue war paint on their cheeks and approached the bridge with a twist to their token chant “Jerry! Jerry! Blue watch reunited and ready!”. Those from White watch looked on in fear as the power of the blue and the reinstatement of the wheel of truth came forth. Sail-master Uncle Kenny had no comment on the situation but we could tell he wasn’t surprised with what he saw. After two weeks of external training camps, Blue watch feels that they are in prime position to take home the main Rope Races competition.

In other news, the crossing of another time-zone over night brought many unstuck with confusion ensuing upon our morning shakes. Nevertheless, today was a Sunday for the ship so those who weren’t on watch could sleep in. With this came a lazy Sunday breakfast, reduced activity and the opportunity to wear ones pyjamas the whole day. However, the real winners were Red watch who had a shortened guts watch overnight. We are now running on Perth time.

In arts and leisure; today our test kitchen tried out a new scone recipe which proved to be a success. Due to a ship wide butter shortage, improvisation was necessary with the recipe comprising of flour, thickened cream, caster sugar and milk to achieve the right consistency; bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Whilst on the topic of food shortages, we are now fully out of porridge and have also had to jettison much of our remaining meat, fruit and spices in preparation for our impending meeting with customs and quarantine.

“We now cross to Rebecca for today’s Entertainment Daily”.

Featuring many blockbuster stars, Love Actually brought a little of the Christmas spirit as well as great laughs to the youth crew today. With interlocking plots and something for everyone, even the toughest critics found it hard to resist this heart warming comedy. A standout performance from Colin Firth brought much laughter to those in the Café and only those with a stone heart were left without a tear in their eye. I give this film 4.5 Albatross out of 5.

“Back to you Dylan with the days sporting highlights”.

Today has been a good day for climbing, with many achieving new heights and personal bests. We also saw extreme hairdressing under the guidance of Marcos, the rush of going out on the bow-sprit and having a ‘wash’, and the much anticipated finale to the Indian Ocean Chess Tournament. The Tournament saw Doctor Nick playing off in a one-round-takes-the-coffee-pod championship match against Underdog Dylan. The two went blow for blow for around 15 minutes, with Dylan using his Queen and Horse to unexpectedly pin the Doc’s King into a corner, taking out the glory and a coffee pod as winnings. Around the ground, we checked in with resident daily-skipper Bec, who had today off but will be back on deck leading Boga tomorrow.

Today’s weather saw clear skies with South-Easterly winds which are anticipated to back to the East early tomorrow morning. The weather will be sunny and perfect for last minute laundry prior to our arrival in Fremantle. Speaking of laundry… the air below decks has finally cleared with a friendly reminder from all of us here at the Captains Log, that socks can be worn twice at the most and should not be left in dark corners of the boys six-berth.

That concludes our report for the day. Daily shout outs will follow this news bulletin.

I’m Dylan G.

And I’m Rebecca H.

Take care of yourselves, and each other.


Hi Zulu! See you soon! Love Mum xx

Check Mate from the Indian Ocean Chess Club

To the Civo’s! Can’t wait to see you all! Love Matt.

Hi Neeks! Not long now, miss you and can’t wait to see you! I know I beat you in chess that time but just think; you were beaten by the Indian Ocean Chess Champion! Haha sorry to bring it back up :-P Talk soon, love Dyl xxx