33° 55' South
151° 13'
At anchor in Farm Cove, Sydney Harbour. Wind: West at 5 knots, Temp: 13.
Situation at 20:00-

Today started with a 06:30 wakey wakey calling all hands to the upperdeck to scrub away rust stain that had built up over the course of the voyage. After breakfast, the Staff Crew weighed anchor while the Youth Crew turned to at cleaning stations in order to ensure the Ship was looking her best for our half-day sail guests.

We berthed at Garden Island at 09:00 and our guests started to arrive onboard soon after. There were a total of 43 guests onboard, mostly from the MacArthur Disabilities Service-Atlas Group, but also included were representatives from the organisation within the Navy that provides maintenance and capability support to YOUNG ENDEAVOUR.

The Ship sailed at 10:00 and shaped a course to pass under the harbour Bridge with Chef Karen at the helm for her last day at sea before being posted to Perth. She was lucky that no trains passed overhead as we sailed under the Bridge. As the morning progressed we sailed out to the Heads and back in to Garden Island. At 13:00 we
arrived back at our berth and said farewell to our guests. During the half-day sail, the Youth Crew were able to show off their ability to
sail the Ship and they did a magnificant job of extending YOUNG ENDEAVOUR hospitality to all of our guests.

Shortly after our guests had departed, we sailed again, this time for the short transit to Farm Cove. Once at anchor, the Youth Crew commenced the important job of harbour furling the square sails. This can be a tedious job but it is an important one that serves to protect the sails from the elements and thereby extend their lives.
The next item on the agenda was the end-of-voyage talks. This provides the Youth Crew the opportunity to identify their highlights and lowlights of the voyage, as well as seeking ways to transfer some of their positive experiences into their future lives. This debrief
resulted in a significant amount of incitful discussion amongst the Youth Crew.

The Ship's concert has just finished and what a hoot it was. It is always amazing to see the large amount of talent that the Youth Crew
have and how much creativity they can muster with very few resources.In addition to the Staff Crew and each watch contributing a skit,Phil and Jacqui read poems and Mel did a terrific job singing. I am sure that the cruise boats and yachts passing by were wondering what was going on in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR.

We are resting snugly at anchor, basking in the glow of the Opera House lights and the Harbour Bridge. The rough weather and strong headwinds of a few days ago seem hard to imagine in our present
surroundings, but we really have arrived in Sydney.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship's international call sign is VMGW, Victor Mike Gulf Wiskey. She is equipped with Medium Frequency,
High Frequency and Very High Frequency radios as well as satellite telephone and email facilities.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Vangs - Lines used to secure the Gaff and to secure its swing. Tackle - A series of blocks with line leading through them in order to provide a mechanical advantage.

Thought of the day: Man is tough. Nothing - war, grief, hopelessness, despair - can last as long as man himself can last. Man will prevail over all his anguishes, provided he will make the effort to stand erect on his own feet by believing in hope and in his own toughness and endurance. William Faulkner

Yours, Aye

John Cowan