34° 59' South
134° 20' East
Currently located 48nm east of the Eyre Peninsula and experiencing light and variable SW winds with a .5m swell.
Hi Everyone,
During the early hours of this morning the wind backed to the north east and strengthened to 18Kts which enabled us again to bring the ship under a full press of fore and aft sails and increase our boat speed. It was a fantastic sunrise which greeted the morning watch and they decided that they would take full advantage of being at sea on a tall ship and witness this spectacular sunrise from the topgallant yard (highest yard).

Following another entertaining morning brief and cleaning stations (Happy Hour) this morning we stopped everything and at 1100 observed 1 minutes silence in respect of Remembrance Day. This afternoon we conducted another hotly contested set of rope races which was followed by a good set of Demonstrational Tacks. This activity gives the Youth Crew the opportunity to come to the bridge and experience tacking stations from the Command Teams perspective. Once we had completed this activity the Watch Leaders took the opportunity to take their watches for another climb up the foremast so as to continue to build their confidence in climbing in preparation for the Youth Crew taking command of the ship on Command Day .

Later this afternoon the wind moderated to less than 5kts so we had to hand in all sails and revert to the use of main engines so that we could still make ground to the East. At the moment we are located 48nm west of the Eyre Peninsula and the Youth Crew have reported their first sighting of land since commencing our passage across the Great Australian Bight on Sunday morning. Sometime tomorrow we will proceed to anchor of Port Lincoln were we will give the Youth Crew the opportunity to set foot on terra firma for the first time since departing Esperance.

Late news: The wind has again freshened and we have again brought the ship under sail and we are continuing to make good ground towards Port Lincoln.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav