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Currently at anchor in Koolama Bay and enjoying light northerly winds with nil swell.
Hi Everyone,
This morning started early when Young Endeavour entered Koolama Bay at sunrise coming safely to anchor at the mouth of the King Georges River. Once at anchor both boats were launched and we commenced ferrying each of the watches up the spectacular King Georges River to the King Georges Falls. Each of these trips took 3 hours but gave the Youth Crew the opportunity to view the magnificent cliffs and scenery which surround the river. Due to it being the end of the Dry Season their was not any water coming over the falls but everyone enjoyed the demanding 30 minute climb to the top of the falls were the view was breathtaking. By 1830 everyone was back onboard and this evening with a beautiful Kimberly sunset as our backdrop we enjoyed our first ���Teak Deck BBQ' for the voyage. Following this gastronomical feast we conducted a very entertaining and comical session of 3 way talks (public speaking and getting to know each other exercise). Tonight we will remain at anchor so that everyone gets a well deserved rest in preparation for the days ahead.

Please find below some Captains Log entries from the Youth Crew

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


The past four days feel have gone so fast and yet it feels as if we have become seasoned and salty sea dogs already. There are no small steps in the learning process on board, instead we are thrown into the deep end (we had the chance to escape the ridiculous heat with a dip in the Timor Sea) and herded up the foremast to cling to the topgallant yard which is 36 meters high. We are challenged to confront our fears and the satisfaction once the task is accomplished is amazing. Today we had our first glimpse and experience of the stunning Kimberly coast. We spent the day being ferried down King George River to see the amazing rock cliffs. It was very hot but the view was well worth the climb up the rock face. The group has become so comfortable with each other, the heat, the boat, and the crew over the last four days and this, along with the excellent food, bodes well for a great voyage.

Sleep deprivation, heat and 90second showers great mix!!! We have had a great time with the crews sing alongs that shall never be repeated.  THE BEST FOOD EVER!!!!. I have already made great friends we really have no choice.
LOVE it or as I have been saying McLovin it. Set foot on land and hugged a huge tree. Enthusiasm is high even (believe it or not) after being woken for watch at 3:45. did I mention the food?. Swimming in the ocean was AWESOME!! Trusting everyone on shark lookout with the gun . Kimberleys are sooo beautiful. I completed a personal challenge. Random photo opps everywhere, so guess whos posing?? Yours truly.
Loving everyone ashore  hope all is well��_
���Life is good and the world is beautiful��

Hello to all the people in reality and the land of mobile phones and computers!!! (I NEED MY PHONE) It's K-Dawg telling all the loved ones out there that were still alive. Zaiga and Lucy pretty much summed up what were up to and how it is. And who can top that? I think all of us hugged a tree once we set foot on land. The heat is unbearable for some (i.e. me) I miss my Canberra weather soo much. And the mast climbing is pretty cool to watch from my perspective as I refuse to go up again after the first night. Lets just say its not good for the faint hearted. I must give a shout out to my peeps. Daniel (my patoutee) I miss you so much, I really need one of your famous cuddles right now. I am really looking forward to one of your mum's meals when I get back. I'm not knocking the food here it's just there's nothing like home. To my family, I miss you guys too. Dad,
Dave, Andy, Tara, Neils, Irene. The people on this boat are amazing and I feel like I can trust them for my safe return.
Lots of love,
x Kristen
P.S Taffy remembers Dan the Man!

Love the sea life, my stomach loves it to (always trying to run to it I swear). Its all good here, missing home, missing my mobile!!!!! Don't miss school heh heh. I got lots of photos already, too much for my camera . Best experience of my life. I miss all my people at home (mum and the boys especially xoxo) also missing blake. Beautiful things here though, never thought the sea could be so blue, the boat so calm and how im such good friends with people I didn't even know last week, I think the friendships that I make here will last a life time and I love every second that im with them. Wish I could say more but other people need to be on
Xoxo love my family, love you to Panda xoxo
Sunny, Kirah 