19° 13' South
146° 52'
Situation at 1800: At anchor in Cleveland Bay. Wind 100/15kts. Temp 27C.
This morning at 0554 Captain Rob and his team successfully sailed the ship into their planned anchorage - just in the nick of time. After a big night for all, we then proceeded alongside to collect some guests from a number of Townsville groups, as well as the Chairman of the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme Mr Marcus C Blackmore AM for an afternoon sail. A good time was had by all and we were especially fortunate to sail with Mr Noel Robins, a Sonar Class Sailing Paralympic Gold Medallist, who kindly shared part of his inspirational story with us all.

The afternoon sail over, we headed back out into the Bay, where tonight we will entertain each other with a 'sods opera' concert, before our last night together onboard.

Until tomorrow

Stay tuned

Matthew Rowe

Youth Crew Entry for 2 May 2001
James Edginton from Adelaide. The end of our command day saw us exhausted and eventually sleeping on deck for the night. It turned out too cold and we froze. At around 0600 we were awoken by the anchor and the call to drop sails. Several hours later we pulled into Townsville and took some local kids for a sail. Hi mum, dad, Brooke, see ya tomorow.

Ben Herington, Lismore, age 16
Howdy again for the second time this voyage ��� once again everything is well except for the fact that we are leaving tomorrow, that really is no good at all !!!! But anyway, we successfully completed our task on command day with about 10 minutes to spare which is not much considering we had been sailing for the past 20 hours but we made it so congrats to our elected youth crew command team, they did a good job to get us here on time. We took on board some visitors today and took them for a sail for about 3 hours, they all enjoyed themselves, all of whom would not normally have the opportunity to join the ship for one reason or another. That was a great exercise to be involved in and we all learned heaps from the 3 hours. Seeya all later, well, tomorrow actually, so I look forward to seeing you then............. bye bye.

Rohan Cleary,Vicco 19
Keen to find out if the outside world is still the same but would probably trade that in for a longer stay. Slept on the bowsprit last night after a good 24 hours of command day that was very successful. Had a good day with the kids that came on board and continue to find new sources of entertainment that would seem totally obscure to anyone that has not been on a boat for long. The crew concert was great but a highlight was the staff and especially Rick in a dress. Right O, see you all soon and I hope it is not too soon before I see these parts of Oz again.