Voyage name: 
V12/19 Brisbane to Sydney
22 Jul - 01 Aug 2019
34 54 s
150 56e

Wind: SW at 15 knots Weather: Overcast, scattered showers Sea: Moderate Course: 010 Speed: 6 knots

Ahoy shipmates…Cap K is on holidays (unofficially). Over to Captain Lachie!

Ahoy there everyone.

Command day has begun here aboard the Young Endeavour. Writing to you now is our elected CO of the ship, Lachie.

This morning we were awoken by the raspy voice of Louis Armstrong, singing what we were all thinking as we looked out over Jervis Bay - ‘Oh what a wonderful world’. Our newly elected chefs didn’t leave any room for doubt as they whipped up a bangin’ breakfast. Stomachs full, we cruised over to the beach and underwent some activities run by our supers – Ben and Steve. Once we split into teams, first up was the challenge of building a ‘telecommunications tower’ in the middle of a large circle in which no team member could enter. The materials to be used included a bin, fender, life ring and 3 ropes.

This task proved to be quite difficult but not so much for one of our teams, finishing before the other had even started. Next up was a friendly game of kickball before having a dip and heading back to our mighty ship. Back aboard we recharged the batteries over lunch before proceeding to take over the ship as command day begun at 1300. Yet again the chefs didn’t disappoint with Caesar salad being one of the favourites.

With our bellies full I was inducted as CO with a short ceremony delivered by the big kahuna himself, Captain Kenny. Next we were handed over the ship with a set of tasks and waypoints set for specific times over the next 24 hours. The leaders of command day, Benji (Navigator), Marcus (Sail Master), Ange, Eli and Caitlin (watch leaders) and I set out a rough plan which has been developing over the last few hours. Although we were at a standstill, our new watches Alpha, Delta and Whale were called to tacking stations where the leaders delegated the roles necessary to tack the ship and ensuring everyone was comfortable with their position. This gave the youthie command team some time to organise which tasks need to be executed whilst we were still at anchor.

A number of tasks have already been completed such as a picture of all youthies aloft on the yards. The plan moving forward is to weigh anchor at 1700 where the staffies will motor the ship to our first waypoint (just outside the heads) before stopping the engines.  Currently we’re all buzzing and ready to get the square sails out when the wind picks up in the late evening. The forecast is 20knots!! Our new watches are bonding as they progress through the tasks whilst the command team is working away, with a major focus on relaying information to every shipmate.

Shout out to my family at home and my lovely girlfriend at uni, we’re all having an absolute blast and I’m excited to catch up with you all soon.

Lachlan Marshall

Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again. Nelson Mandela