31° 55' South
153° 0'
Current situation at 1800: Sailing off Taree - 25 miles seaward. Wind sou'west at 25 to 35 knots and directly astern of us. Occasional showers - yee haa!
Overnight we ran square before a breeze that gradually grew in strength and by this evening was creating some very unpleasant conditions for us as we tried making ground toward our first destination of Coffs Harbour. There has been a few sickies but to everyone's credit they have helped their shipmates and we have got through the worst of it.

Today the YC had a navigation presentation and the first instalment of Rope Races, which drew a tie between Blueys and Whities. Overnight we'll continue sailing and should be off Smokey Cape by morning and arrive in Coffs in the afternoon.

Sorry but no YC entry this evening. It's not easy to type.

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis