23° 52' South
151° 32' East

Wind 140 / 10 kts, Temp 23C

G\\'day Shipmates, it is Captain Andrew \\'Gunna\\' Rourke here back having a stint in Command of my most favourite ship whilst Damien is having a well deserved break.

Twenty six Youth Crew (YC) joined the ship this afternoon at Gladstone Marina and once we had completed a few introductions and the YC said goodbye to family and friends, we let go our lines and headed out into the harbour.  We only went a short distance and anchored where we will remain overnight. 

It is now past midnight and the YC have not stopped since stepping onboard.  We have completed our first climb and although a few didn\\'t get as far as they would have liked, it was a top effort all round.  Tomorrow will be a busy day as we commence our voyage north.

Staff crew for this voyage are:

Sailing Mistress - Kristy Lee

Navigator - Rick

Watch Officer - Como

Red Watch Leader - Carly

Blue Watch Leader - Col

White watch Leader - Guv

Engineer - Mick

Chef - Squiz

Assistant Red Watch Leader - Gougha

Chat tomorrow evening.

Captain Gunna

Carpe diem