27° 16' South
153° 9'
Wind South East at 15 kts
At anchor off Brisbane Roads
Situation at 20:00- At anchor off Brisbane Roads in position 27 16
S, 153 09 E, Wind South East at 15 kts.

As usual, today has been chock-a-block full of activities. During the night watches, the Youth Crew were challanged by team building exercises requiring them to set and furl various sails without assistance from the Staff Crew. These exercises proved to be very effective in highlighting the skills and attributes necessary to develop effective group dynamics.

Today's morning brief was especially memorable (thanks Yasmin). Watch Officer Ian was at his very best in describing the nautical origins of several everyday terms. Stoker Rags was still trying to come to grips with the mysteries of colour coordinated washing so his morning harvest was somewhat smaller than normal.

After happy hour, the Youth Crew were each able to observe the theoretical sailing lesson they received put into practise during the demonstration tacks. This served to drive the lesson home that \It is all about balance\".

At 12:00, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR commenced the Southbound passage into Moreton Bay. By the time the Ship anchored at 17:00 another set of \"Rope Races\" had been completed and preparations for the Ship's concert were busily being made. The concert has just completed. Despite their short time onboard, the Youth Crew produced a terrific concert full of talent and imagination.

The anchor watch has been set and the Youth Crew are busy getting ready for tomorrow's half-day sail and end of voyage. So far, their time in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR has been mostly about learning and having fun. Tomorrow they will be required to put in use what they have learnt when they act as hosts to our guests and pass on their
knowledge to others.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: Since 1987 the Ship has sailed over 218,000 nautical miles and visited every continent except Antarctica.
She has sailed through three of the World's great canals: the Suez, the Panama and the Corinth.

Thought of the day:

COURAGE gives me the strength to put worthwhile ideas into action.

COMPETENCE is the ability to perform honestly the job for which I am suited.

CULTURE displays the belief that an appreciation of life's goodness is a source of joy forever.

COURTESY is the outward expression of inner respect for the individual.

CHARACTER is that spiritual force within me that demands and gets my best chioces and my best efforts.
Mike Stratton

Yours, Aye

John Cowan