18° 51' South
146° 30' East
At sea under seven sails in position 18 51 S, 146 30 E . Wind: Sou'East at 5 kts, Temp: 23c, Cloud:2/8
Situation at 21:00 -

Overnight the Youth Crew completed the main teamwork exercise of the voyage. This required them to utilise the communications skills they learned earlier in the day, in order to complete sailing related tasks assigned by their Watch Leaders. It proved to be a valuable experience that highlighted the importance of tolerance and cooperation.

At morning brief, the Salty Sea Dog provided more laughs as she described the nautical origins of a commonly used phrase. She was
ably assisted by other members of the Staff Crew. After Engineer Stewy returned gear to several of the Youth Crew who had, regrettably, left things out for the scran bag, Captain John gathered all hands together for an announcement. The Youth Crew have proved that they are capable of safely and efficiently working aloft without
having a Staff Crew member with them. This is an important milestone towards command day, and was very well received. Happy hour's theme today was Brasso day. The Ship now shines from top to bottom and XO
Chooka is grinning like a Chesire Cat. At 10:00 YOUNG ENDEAVOUR anchored off Great Palm Island. This allowed all Youth Crew to
participate in the mid-voyage talks. This activity allows them to discuss with the Staff Crew how they see the voyage unfolding. It provides them with a mechanism to offer suggestions on how to improve
the youth development program and thereby ensure we remain relavent
with our cliental.

XO Chooka acted as a celebrity Chef and made lunch for all hands. This gave Chef Polly the chance to run ashore and pick up some
fresh vegetables. At 13:00 the anchor was weighed (444kg) and we sailed clear of Great Palm Island. The afternoon was taken up with
setting and furling drills. The Youth Crew took charge of their watches and practised handling the various sails in preparation for
command day. This was a demanding and tiring afternoon but is a necessary precursor to command day in order to ensure the Youth Crew
are able to remain safe during the potentially dangerous evolution of setting and furling the sails.

Tonight the watches will have a relatively quiet time on watch. Navigation training and some watch-on-deck games will occupy the time as we make our way towards the next anchorage at Orpheus Island tomorrow afternoon.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is fitted with two bronze saluting cannons. They were cast at the Royal Ordinance Factory in Nottingham England. They fire blank 12-gauge shotgun shells and are
used for ceremonial occassions, and to fight off Pirate Ships.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Stopper- A short length of line used to temporairly take the weight of a line (such as a sheet) so that it can be turned up on a cleat, bollard or pin. RHIB- Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat. Used as a utility boat to ferry personnel and
stores ashore during the voyage.

Thought of the Day: Life yields only to the conqueror. Never accept what can be gained by giving in. You will be living off stolen
goods and your muscles will atrophy.
Dag Hammarskjold.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan,

Dear All
Being on YE is the most amazing experience of my life. I wouldn't say that I exactly enjoy climbing the mast but it is very rewarding to overcome my fear and make myself do it - with plenty of encouragement from the wonderful people around me. Red Watch are doing a great job of looking out for each other. The highlight so far has been the day we spent on Dunk Island and especially jumping off the wharf. Given all the sun and saltwater...I don't want to go

Angela from the Blue Mountains

Hello to you
Life aboard the YE is quite special. Present day life blending with the glory days old when Tall ships ruled the trade route across
the world and experience what it was like for the men aboard such vessels. 'Heave on the sheet and check away on the tack set the
course sail'. In just a few short days I have gone from not knowing what that saying meant to taking command of fellow ship mate's to achieve a result that I or any other person couldn't do on their own.
The Young Endeavour for me has been a life learning experince giving me confindence and sound knowledge that will hold me in good-stead.So get aboard and become pirates. Arrrrrhhh its an adventure that nobody would want to miss out on.

Andy from the small town of Newcastle.