21° 40' South
114° 5'
CO's Log 21 July 2001

Situation at 1800 Saturday 21 July 2001: Course 240 Speed 8 knots. Conditions: wind SSE 5 knots, partly cloudy, temp 21 degrees.
After a very pleasant break last night at anchor, this morning we sailed from anchor in a light southerly breeze which provided another opportunity to practice more of the art of maneuvering a square rigged ship under sail. This afternoon the wind died off completely to the extent that we decided to hand all sail, stop the ship and all go for a very refreshing swim over the side.

Underway once again, now motor sailing in the very light airs, we have just been treated to a display of a pair of humpback whales cavorting about 100 meters from the ship, followed by a pod of dolphins gamboling off the bow. This somewhat interrupted the days set of rope races but no-one seemed to mind.

All we need now is for some wind to help us on our way and we will have had a perfect day. But for now the iron trysails are getting a workout and we continue to make towards North West Cape which we should round at 1930 tonight.

That's all for now,

Cap'n Bob.

Youth Crew entry by Anthony Ashley aged 20 from ACT.
'Holy dooly,' that's the best way to describe this super adventure. After the pit stop yesterday we set off and saw the lot, whales, sea snakes and even dolphins, its just been awesome. Oh yeah and I hurt my knee doing handstands on the deck as well (as u do). Hello to all my bros and sisters and yes hi Melissa, Mum and Dad. Havin' a ball. Talk to u soon but not too soon. Anthony.