Voyage name: 
04 January - 14 January
Currently located 7nm to the NE of Montague Island and experiencing very light NE winds with a 1.5m swell

Ahoy Shipmates,

Overnight the wind moderated and by 0030 the ship was barely making headway under sail. Given these conditions, I opted to utilise main engines and motor sail throughout the rest of the night so that we could continue to make good ground to the south and hopefully make Eden prior to southerly change which was forecasted to move up the east coast late on Wednesday evening. By morning brief we were 16nm to the east of Jervis Bay still motor sailing due to lack of wind but maintaining a speed of 7kts. Following another good set of cleaning stations (Happy Hour) hands were called to tacking stations and we altered course to the south west closing the coast and taking full advantage of the East Australian Current. After lunch the Engineer conducted the first set of hotly contested rope races which was followed by Paige the Navigators informative presentation on the scientific art of navigation. By mid afternoon the wind began to strengthen with the afternoon sea breeze and the ship was brought under full sail, unfortunately this only lasted for 2 hours and by 1700 the wind had moderated to less than 8kts, so all squares were handed in and again we reverted to motor sailing. Again for dinner tonight Chef Chad prepared another one of his gastronomical feasts which was enjoyed by all. Overnight the YC will remain in their sea watches and continue to consolidate their newly found mariner and navigation skills.

Highlights of the day:

1. Most YC overcoming seasickness
2. Climbing the mast to view a spectacular sunrise
3. Being visited by a playful pod of dolphins

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav