Voyage name: 
V11/18 Newcastle to Brisbane
24 Jun - 04 Jul 2018
37 45.2' S
153 33.0' E

Weather- fine and dry, Wind - NNW at 12 knots, Swell - from the east at 1.0 m, Temp - 16 deg. C

Ahoy there shipmates,


Overnight the crew were kept busy with anchor watches ensuring the Ship’s safety by monitoring the running machinery onboard, the weather and wind in particular, the proximity of other vessels around us and that the Ship was remaining within the anchor swinging circle. Sail Master Ev woke us at 0630 for a quick pre-breakfast game on deck.


After morning brief and happy hour we weighed anchor at 0930 and departed the Gold Coast Seaway heading eastward and setting sails as we went. The crew then did more sail handling work as well as getting some practical coastal navigation training up to lunch time.


After lunch it was round 3 of rope races followed by some deck games run by the Sail Master. At 1500 we conducted a practical Man overboard exercise, which included handing in all sail and recovering the ‘man’ by the Swimmer of the Watch, Brendon. We had planned to conduct ‘Demonstrational Tacks this afternoon but the light and variable wind conditions prevented us from doing so. It was decided to postpone that until tomorrow and instead the


Watches did more sail handling training and some climbed aloft to gain more experience.

At 1600 the night watches began and the watches rotated through another of Marcus’ delicious meals. Dessert was Will Stanley-Davies’ birthday cake. Will turned 19 today and we all sang him Happy Birthday.


The watches will further consolidate their sail handling skills overnight as well as undertaking the self-reflection and self-awareness activity we call ‘Apples and Onions’.


Until tomorrow,



Yours Aye,


Captain Mike