0° 0' South
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Alongside the Coal Wharf, Fisherman's Island,
Brisbane River
Situation at 20:00

For the Youth Crew today started at 06:00 with a rousing chorus of 'Happy Birthday' in honour of Vickie's 17th. An early morning jog around the upper deck got everyone's blood flowing and helped to work up an appetite for breakfast.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR weighed anchor at 07:00 and got underway for the Coal Wharf at Fisherman's Island. Once there, we welcomed onboard our
guests from the Pine River Special School and disabilities service and got started on our half-day sail. This was an opportunity for the Ship's company (Youth Crew and Staff Crew combined) to show off their ship to other young Australians who were not able to undertake a full ten day voyage. At first there was a decided lack of wind to allow us to show what YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is capable of, but a visit from the famous Eastern Mystic and wind diviner 'Brother Nuncie' magically
caused the breeze to freshen, and a great time was had by all. Some of our guests were game enough to climb aloft and the Youth Crew were
quick to volunteer as escorts. All in all, it was a very successful half day sail enjoyed at least as much by the hosts as it was by the guests.

After returning to the Coal Wharf and saying goodbye to our guests, the Youth Crew harbour furled the sails. Stores for the next voyage were embarked and a fresh water hose down helped to remove the accumulation of salt gathered over the last voyage. The end of voyage talks are underway right now and the Youth Crew are providing
feedback on their experience and discussing how they can transfer some of the skills they have been exposed to onboard to their future

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR fact file - The Ship's hull is made from steel and the decks are made up of a composite plywood overlaid by teak planks. The masts and spars are made of aluminium.

Thought of the day:Every great achievement was once impossible. Unknown

Yours , Aye
John Cowan