42° 53' South
147° 20' East
Wind: NNW @ 15 knots, sea calm, weather clear and sunny, 24 degrees C.
Ahoy Ye Lubbers,

Welcome to the final Captain's log for Voyage 16/06.

Overnight we has a pleasant time at anchor in the Derwent River, just downstream from the Tasman Bridge. This morning we weighed anchor at 0830, and berthed in Hobart near Salamanca Place to pick up our guests for the half day sail. We were fortunate to be joined by 15 young people from the Downs Syndrome Association, and 15 from a local high school who are on a \no dole contract\", whereby they agree to remain at school until they find a job.

With a fresh nor'easter, we tacked backwards and forwards across the river for the entire three hours out. We berthed again at 1300, and after all of our guests disembarked we got into the process of readying the ship for the next voyage. As part of this process we have stored ship, and put harbour furls into the square sails. We will sail shortly (at 1500) and go to anchor near the Wrest Point Casino, where we will have end of voyage talks, the ships concert, and spend our final night together as a crew.

The team have bonded really well together, and have shared some great experiences - I know they will be sad to leave.

Until next Voyage, Shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"