21° 7' South
149° 14' East
Alongside Mackay Mariner. Wind 130 / 15 kts, Temp 24C
G\\'day Shipmates,
Captain Gunna back at the helm here having wrestled the \\'Captains log\\' back from the YC. As you no doubt figured out I let their entries go through unedited warts and all. I suspect some wouldn\\'t fare to well in a spelling bee!

Today has been another great day. Up early this mornig, happy hour and then weigh anchor and berthed at Mckay Mariner at 0900. Our guests for the half day sail, Life Style Choices arrived onboard and we then sailed for a three hour cruise in the fresh SE off Mackay. They all had a good time. After berthing and saying farewell to our guests the YC stepped ashore and conducted their end of voyage talks. Then it was back onboard for the final set of rope races and it was then time to climb and harbour furl the square sails. They did a great job.

The YC then took on BBQ duties and did a brilliant job and certainly getting us into the mood for the slide show which was a compilation of photos taken by the YC depicting the whole voyage.

Normally we would sail for the evening but there is no great anchorage suitable for the freshening conditions so I determined we would stay put. Tomorrow morning though we will head out to sea early given the suitable conditions which will allow the YC to man the yards to finish up their voyage.

Tonight we also got to hear a poem from Ryan and he has kindly typed it below and seems a fitting way to finish up the Captains Log.

Chat tomorrow
Captain Gunna
Carpe\\' diem

On April the seventh at 3 o'clock
A bunch of lone strangers stood on the dock
Their bags filled to the brim with clean clothes
Little did they know what the conditions would impose

Initially we climbed to face our deep fears
Once we conquered the rattlings, up went the cheers
We started with a feast both great and mighty
But little did we know, we would be getting it nightly

We caught the wind out to the seas
With the scent of land caught in a breeze
We thought ourselves pirates out to plunder
But all that resulted was Pip's chunky chunder

Peace and calm stomaches, Narra's Inlet did bring
We jumped from the bow and flipped from the swing
Charades was successful, an afternoon's delight
Richard's ���Anchorman' was truly a sight

The rest of our trip past with frightening speed
The events of each day relived in our dreams
Each morning the staffies would teach
But this morning we changed for Whitehaven Beach

Cricket, dodge ball, sea-lice and sun
Coconut oil, tanning and Elyse on the run
The creatures we glanced was over 204
We drew them on Tug's list, always adding more

Turtles and squid and butterflies in flight
Terry, Todd and Cohen up fishing all night
The galley disco run by Kim, oh what a sight!
We knew instantly that the feeling was alright

Many long nights spent down in the galley
Shooting and saving, then those votes we would tally
We were lucky enough to have a musician aboard
With his nightly renditions, his vocals just soared

Nana and Auntie was a much loved show
The make up, the costumes and Josh's warm glow
Then time to save our leaders with a game of egg drop
Penny and Kim survived whilst Dan was a flop

Percy Island was what we all saw as a paradise
We wouldn't change a thing, just maybe the sea-lice
Human pyramid, Annika was a scream
And what a success, the beach assault team

Sunset and rises, moons and star gazing
Every moment on board, the scenes were amazing
Cleaning and scrubbing, getting those toilets so white
If only, just once, we got that bloody song right!

This is not a goodbye, this is not a boo-hoo
It's a see you all later, a big thanks to the crew