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Alongside Auckland Point Wharf in Gladstone
Situation at 20:00-(Loz reporting tonight)

The dawning of the first day of August was as picturesque as most of the beautiful Queensland mornings we have been blessed with during this voyage. After a brisk jog around the upper deck and quick game of \dead ant\" we all launched into
what turned out to be a very busy day. After a quick happy half hour to clean up the ship, we weighed anchor at 0900 and sailed for Auckland Point Wharf (where we are now securely tied up to
for the weekend). Zips were busting as the youth crew struggled to work out how their clothing and belongings had grown so much that they couldn't fit it all back into their bags.

As we proceeded alongside, the youth crew manned the yards and proudly sang the National Anthem to all the families and friends waiting below - Blue watch on the T'gallant, The Reddy Teddys on the Topsail, and the Whities on the Course. (Each watch had been competing during the voyage in Rope Races to see who would get to the top!)

Once alongside, Captain John presented everyone with a certificate and announced Matthew as the Order of Australia Emblem winner - well done Matt, and best wishes for the future - you
certainly deserved it. After a few tears and hugs, everyone headed off on their individual paths - a difficult thing for some having grown so close. The staffies spent the rest of the
afternoon doing end of voyage checks, rigging checks, storing ship,fuelling, cleaning, and debriefing. And now we are all watching the
Wallabies match from last Saturday that Wiggy's Mum kindly taped and posted to us - Thanks Mrs Wiggy! Go the Wallabies!

It is now time to close yet another chapter of adventure, as the youth crew of Voyage 15/02 make their way home, and the staff crew take some well deserved relaxation for a few days (in between the
maintenance and other work to be done before sailing again Monday).It has been a good voyage, with all the youth crew certainly taking
away something, and leaving a little something for those of us remaining behind. And a quick thanks to the Royal Geographical Society for their kind gift this afternoon of a Flinders Painting - it has been great to work together for the last 10 days.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR fact file: YOUNG ENDEAVOUR carries enough fresh food for 10 days, enough frozen meat and food for 3 wks and enough
dry food for 3 wks. (Not likely to ever go hungry!)

Thought of the day: \"There are no great men - only great challenges which ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet\" (Unknown).

Yours, Aye

Lauren \"Loz\" Hindmarsh
Watch Officer for V15/02