Voyage name: 
V11/17 Brisbane to Mackay
03 Sep - 13 Sep 2017
24 47. 7 S
153 23.8 E

Currently located 10nm to the southeast of Sandy Cape motor sailing in moderate 10-15kt NNW winds with a 1m NNE swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 17 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

                                 Welcome to Day 3 of our voyage. Overnight and during the early hours of this morning we continued to make good speed to the north still utilising a combination of sails and main engines due to light WSW winds. The good news is that the swell has dropped off and those of our young mariners suffering from the dreaded sailors curse of ‘seasickness’ have all come good.

Given these improved conditions we have fitted a lot into our day starting with an informative morning brief where our resident nautical expert ‘Salty’ enlightened all of us on that history of ‘Turn a blind Eye’. There were some other guess speakers including Harry our Navigator who gave us some interesting history and facts on Fraser Island. Once completed it was straight into a good set of cleaning stations (a clean ship is a happy ship) then we closed the ship up at tacking stations and successfully completed our first set of tacks as a crew.

Lunch followed then after a short break we held our first set of rope races. This activity is run by Allan the Engineer and is a competition between the three watches designed so that the Youth Crew quickly learn the location of safety equipment and the many sheets, tacks, brails, buntlines and the many other lines onboard Young Endeavour. From my observations this is an extremely competitive Youth Crew and already they have been quick to learn where everything is.          

Once completed James the Sail Master gave a brief on how to set the squares and then we set these sails for the first time for the voyage. During this period the wind backed to the southeast and we managed to shut down engines and enjoy the pleasure of sailing this amazing ship. After a short break everyone again mustered back at midships where Harry gave a most informative brief on navigation.

Sadly by late afternoon the wind had backed around to the north which again meant the clewing up of our square sails and a little more use of those main engines so that we can make our next anchorage which is currently planned to be Lady Musgrave Island sometime tomorrow morning.

Currently we are located 10nm to the southeast of Sandy Cape which is the most northern point of Fraser Island still motor sailing in NNW conditions which should moderate again overnight.        


Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav