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Current Situation at 1800: Command Day - at sea off Port Hacking. Course 010, Speed 2 knots. Temp 19C and fine. Wind nor'westerly at 8 knots.
After a night at anchor where much discussion was held about plans for Command Day, I handed Command of Young Endeavour to Emma-Jane Ford, 23, of Bellingen, NSW and Youth Crew 15A/00 at a ceremony at morning brief.

The Youth Crew were keen to get off to a flying start and by 0930 we were underway and sailing with fore and aft sail and squares out of Bate Bay (just south of Botany Bay). Unfortunately the winds throughout the day were flukey causing the Youth Crew to tack and then be foiled by a wind shift. They overcame several difficulties to their credit and by the time of writing were on a port tack and sailing nicely up to their objective - Sydney Harbour.

They are all having fun which is one of their objectives and they are cooperating well and using teamwork and communication skills to overcome problems they are encountering.

At the moment the Crew are all pretty tired and I expect we will tack several times through the night as the wind can't seem to make up its mind where to blow.

I'll update you tomorrow on how the Command Day finished. We have to get in to port early on Wednesday because of the Olympic sailing. We will anchor in Rose Bay on Wednesday night before finally arriving at Garden Island on Thursday.

Speak tomorrow

Andrew Davis