Voyage name: 
V06/18 Hobart to Melbourne
09 Mar - 19 Mar 2018
41 14.2' S
144 10.1' E

Weather - overcast with passing light showers, Wind - south-westerly 14 kn, Swell - westerly 2 metres, Temp - 14 deg. C

Ahoy there,


Welcome to day five of our voyage. It was a rough night with west to south-westerly winds averaging 25 kn and swells from the west at 4.5 m it was an uncomfortable night during which most crew members achieved little sleep. We made good progress northwards along the Tasmanian west coast overnight with the Fore Staysail, Main Staysail and the Storm Tri-sail set, on a beam reach.

We had the usual Morning Brief at 0900, which was attended by ‘Salty the Seadog’ who used the opportunity to explain some common English language expressions that had nautical origins. These included ‘Flogging a dead horse’ which was illustrated by Staffy actors of very dubious ability. After the brief it was into the usual Happy Hour.


At 1000 Engineer Brett ran round two of ‘Rope Races’ which was followed by another of Zac’s sensational lunches. Unfortunately not all of the crew were able to enjoy it as the rough seas had taken their toll on some of the crew who had lost their sea legs again.

As the wind and seas were gradually abating during the day we gave the crew some down time after lunch to enable them to have a power nap following last night’s challenging conditions. At 1500 we conducted Rotational Tacks during which the crew rotates through the other watches’ tacking positions so that they can learn what the other watches’ responsibilities are. On completion I rotated through with each of the watches giving them my Sail Theory brief.


It is intended to remain at sea overnight continuing our passage to King Island, anchoring there in the morning.


Until tomorrow evening,


Yours aye


Captain Mike