Voyage name: 
V08/21 Airlie Beach to Cairns
15 Jul - 25 Jul 2021
Alongside Cairns
A 0630 weighing of the anchor to ensure we berthed alongside Cairns at 1000.
Hello Shipmates for the final time this voyage, After a long evening of entertainment and end of voyage administration, it was a weary crew who got up for an early 0630 weighing anchor and departure from our Fitzroy Island anchorage. It was a 3.5 hour transit to Cairns hence the earlier than usual start to the day to make our 1000 scheduled arrival. Navigator Jemma skilfully piloted us through the Cairns entrance channel and alongside the wharf. We were overtaken in the channel by a Navy Patrol Boat, HMAS Broome, who we saluted with our ceremonial saluting cannons. While we were entering Cairns we followed the ancient tradition of Sailing Ships of War, which was to fire a salute on all the Ship's guns and then putting all of the gun crews aloft to prevent them from re-loading the guns, thereby proving that they Ship came in peace. Once we were settled in our berth the Sail Master and I made a few short speeches and then I presented the voyage completion certificates to the Youth Crew and Senator David Fawcett, who completed the voyage with all of us. Thank you for joining us each evening to read the Captain's Log. I have almost completed handing the Ship over to the new full-time Captain, Captain Adam. Yours Aye, Captain Mike
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