Voyage name: 
V05B/15 - Passage Five - Part B
03-21 August 2015
56 degrees 55 minutes North
10 degrees 52 minutes East

Currently located 30nm to the east of Aalborg and experiencing moderate SW winds with passing showers and a .5 NE swell. Current speed is 4kts and the temperature is 17degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 2 of our voyage for Passage 5B and day 24 for the eight World Voyagers that remained with us from Passage 5A. Since joining our new World Voyagers have been given some free time to explore the beautiful city of Aalborg, have witnessed a fantastic fireworks display and participated in an amazing Tall Ship Parade of Sail. Between all of this they have also managed to successfully climb the foremast, undertake some very thorough safety equipment training and have already learnt how to set and furl the majority of our fore and aft sails. All of this has been achieved in the first 28hrs of being onboard which I believe is a pretty impressive effort.

On completion of the Tall Ship Parade late this afternoon we farewelled a number of the other Ships who have now gone on to do other port visits before joining us again in Bremerhaven, Germany in eight days time for Sail Bremerhaven. Others like Young Endeavour will take the opportunity to stay at sea so that we can train our new crews and enjoy some sailing in the North Sea.

Overnight the World Voyagers will settle into their watches and continue to learn how to set and furl sails as we commence our passage around to Bremerhaven.

Being the first night at sea for Passage 5B we have got them straight into the routine of writing the Captains Log so please enjoy reading tonight’s entry which has been written by Blue Watch. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

PS A special thank you to the wonderful city of Aalborg for putting on such a fantastic Tall Ship event and for making Young Endeavour and her crew so welcome. Your warm hospitality and friendship was most appreciated and will always be remembered by this Australian crew who are so far away from home.

Captains Log – 04 Aug 15

On Sunday we farewelled members of 15A after 21 days forming friendships and perfection our sailing techniques. It was a sad moment to see friends leaving, but exciting as some of the new crew of 15B joined soon after. The Crew Parade saw us parading through the streets of Aalborg, waving flags and singing songs in celebration of an incredible Tall Ships Race. This was followed by an award ceremony with gigantic trophies given away too many worthy participants for their efforts and achievement throughout the three day event. In the evening came a crew party with live bands, DJ’s and a chance for the Young Endeavour crew to mingle with other ships.

Monday brought the rest of 15B to the ship. As a chance for all of us to get to know each other before we set sail, some of the crew went for a wander to a Viking burial ground which was supposedly a 20 minute walk but turned out to be closer to an hour, giving us plenty of time to chat. We discovered the layouts of the burial site and how different rocks represented the gender of the person. Some of the graves dated back to as early as 900AD and were laid out into oval ‘boat’ formations throughout the graveyard. As the Aalborg public transport system did not seem to be running, another long walk back to the ship allowed for even more “getting to know you” time. Arriving back to the ship with ten minutes to spare, we were treated to an impressive fireworks display in the evening as the Tall Ships Race officially came to an end. The Young Endeavour had a prime location right next to the bridge which left everyone excited for the journey ahead.

On Tuesday afternoon we farewelled Aalborg with many locals waving us goodbye from the harbour. As we passed the Mayor of Aalborg on his ship, we thanked him for hosting the event by setting off the cannon, giving three cheers and shouting an Aussie, Aussie, Aussie as both ships lowered their flags as a sign of respect. We have been busy learning how to set and furl staysails, climbing the topgallant and participating in safety briefings to ensure our voyage is as enjoyable as possible. We keenly anticipate what lies ahead for us at sea as well as in Bremerhaven and Amsterdam, and are eager to learn as much as possible from the staff and remaining 15A crew.