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Current situation at 1800: Off Cape Schanck, south of Melbourne. Temp 18C. Wind southerly at 15 knots.
After a snappy morning brief and happy hour, we went ashore in the boat and visited Cowes for a look around. For lunch we had a BBQ on a headland overlooking the ship and gave the nearby playground a good workout. Back onboard we weighed and sailed. Before we reached open water (Western Port is a big harbour) we entertained ourselves with some outrageous deck games and a Young Endeavour speed record was broken. It was going off on deck. Before dinner we did some demo tacks where the YC get to see from the bridge perspective how we tack the ship. I also briefed the YC on the impending Command Day on Wednesday morning. Tonight will be spent at sea working our way up to the Rip - the entrance to Port Philip Bay - which we will transit just after lunch.

Youth Crew entry by Hayden Oberin - 22, Melbourne ��� Bobbing calmly at anchor certainly allows the mind to fly. The family at home, the new friends aboard, the goals we have reached and the tasks still at hand.

I honestly do not know how to express the feelings I have for the triumphs over nature that we as a youth crew have pulled together to achieve.

We have all had our own personal fears and apprehensions, which can often seem bigger than any wave or pitch and turn of the ship. Working through and overcoming these is certainly the greatest achievement we as individuals and as a team can strive for.

We are young, but learning fast. To be able to take just one lesson from this ship and apply it to our everyday lives, will help us tackle even greater obstacles tomorrow and in the future.

The ability to do this would be the greatest accomplishment we as a nation could ever hope to achieve during the celebration of the federation.

With the sun tearing at our skin, and the elements attacking from all sides, we strive to overcome the challenges that we face. And still, the torturous rays pale in comparison to the fire of our passion.

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis