35° 30' South
138° 5'
At sea in the Gulf of St Vincent.Wind southerly at 25 knots, temp 19C
Current situation at 1800:

Our very calm night started getting bumpy at 4am when Ninny came on watch. He found the wind and we started moving fast. Later that day most YC were feeling seasick and so siestas were called for.

That evening we sought refuge under the northern shore of Investigator Strait. Tonight we hope the calmer waters will revive some YC because we need to get them aloft to set more sails.

Other than a bumpy day and lots of fish feeding there's not a lot more to say other than be careful what you wish for (ie rough weather) because it may just come true.

Stay tuned,

Andrew Davis
PS No YC entry - although some are showing faint interest.