37° 51' South
144° 55' East

Currently at anchor in Hobson\\\\\\'s Bay and experiencing light W/SW winds with nil swell. Temp 18 Degrees, Barom 1018 rising.

Hi Everyone,

This morning was slightly overcast with a moderate south westerly. Following a short morning brief the anchor was weighed and we transited the short distance to Williamstown were we berthed starboard side to Workshop Jetty at 0900. After sullage (10 days of garbage) was landed and stores embarked, 25 guests from the ‘My Life Program’ and a number of Staff Crew guests were welcomed onboard for our ‘Half Day Sail’.

With all guests onboard the lines were cast of at 1015 and we proceeded out into Port Phillip Bay were engines were shut down and the ship brought under sail. In near perfect conditions our guests enjoyed a most memorable 3 hour sail on the bay. At 1300 we returned to our berth at Workshop Jetty were we farewelled our guests.

This afternoon whilst still alongside the Youth Crew proceeded ashore with their respective Watch Leaders for end of voyage talks then on their return participated in their final round of rope races prior to proceeding aloft to complete harbour furls.

This evening following a fantastic Young Endeavour ‘Pizza’ dinner we again departed our berth and proceeded back out to anchor at Hobson’s Bay were at dusk we commenced a photo slide show up on deck which was prepared by the Youth Crew and captures various moments and experiences throughout their voyage. This slide show has become a popular part of the Young Endeavour Program and gives the Youth Crew an opportunity to reflect on the past 10 days.

The Youth Crew have spent the rest of this evening completing end of voyage questionnaires and “letters to themselves”, which are returned to each Youth Crew member six months after voyage completion. Whilst the Youth Crew were completing these final administration tasks the Staff Crew took the opportunity to conduct our own end of voyage debrief.

Tomorrow will be another early start for the Youth Crew’s final day of the voyage. Following breakfast and morning brief the Youth Crew will complete their final ‘happy hour’ prior to the ship weighing anchor 0815. Once underway the Youth Crew will man the yards and we transited the short distance to Williamstown were we will berthed starboard side to the Workshop Jetty at 0900 for the final time for this voyage.

Once alongside family and friends will be invited onboard for a tour of the ship and to witness my final address and the presentation of Certificates of Achievement to all of the Youth Crew. Following this presentation we will say our final emotional farewell to the Youth Crew of Voyage 19/11 as they depart the ship.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of the Youth Crew of Voyage 19/11 for the effort that you put in throughout this voyage. You are a great group of young Australians and all of the Staff Crew of Young Endeavour have thoroughly enjoyed spending the past 10 days with all of you.

Prior to the Ship sailing for Hobart I will hand it back to the fulltime Captain LCDR Damien Munchenberg. It has been fantastic being back onboard and I look forward to returning again for another voyage early next year when Damien will take another well deserved break.

Until then, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav