37° 5' South
149° 52' East
Currently at anchor in Twofold Bay and experiencing strong SW winds.
Ahoy Shipmates,
During the early hours of this morning a cold pool of air (Paige's the meteorologist's words) moved over the Australian east coast and the temperature in Twofold Bay dropped to a very cool 7�_C. Given the forecast of very strong south westerly's it was decided to replace the normal Early Morning Activity with harbour furls (very neat furls). So at 0630 a very ���rugged up�� Youth Crew mustered on deck and proceeded aloft (climbed foremast) with their Watch Leaders and successfully completed this task. Once completed, a very cold and wet YC headed straight for the showers and once warm proceeded to demolish a huge YE breakfast. Following morning brief, cleaning stations and a set of rope races we weighed anchor and proceeded to our new anchorage at Snug Cove. After lunch everyone was ferried ashore and Watch Leaders conducted end of voyage talks followed by a tour of the Eden Whale Museum, which the curator generously provides to the crew of YE free of charge. On completion of this tour the YC were released on the township of Eden where they enjoyed a ���fast food fix' and a good leg stretch. This evening with everyone safely back onboard we enjoyed our final dinner for this voyage which was followed by a very entertaining trivia night. The rest of the evening will be spent with YC completing end of voyage questionnaires and ���letters to themselves��, which are returned to each YC member six months after voyage completion. Overnight all watches will enjoy their last anchor watch together before completing their voyage at Fisherman's Wharf, Eden were YOUNG ENDEAVOUR will berth for the final time for this voyage.

This ends another memorable voyage for the Youth Crew and Staff of STS Young Endeavour. Our next voyage commences on Saturday 25th October and will be from Eden to Devonport (Tasmania).

Until next voyage, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav