38° 7' South
144° 22' East
At anchor in Corio Bay with light south westerly winds
Ahoy Shipmates,

Welcome to the last Captain's log for Voyage 20/07.

Today we had a fantastic day, during which we welcomed a number of special guests onboard for a half day sail out of Geelong.

From departing the wharf at Geelong the wind decided to do the right thing and we set the Topgallant and the Topsail and had a great sail down the channel. Prior to turning around we managed to set some fore & aft sails and give the Youth Crew an opportunity to demonstrate their finely tuned skills of setting and furling sails and tacking ship. On completion of these tacks it was time to flash up the engines and make our way back to Geelong and farewell our guests.

After our guests disembarked at 1315, we completed harbour furling the square sails, stored ship, and then headed out to our anchorage. Each watch then completed their end of voyage debrief followed by a great BBQ dinner. Tonight we will be conducting the ship's concert and making the most of our last night together as a crew.

As V20/07 draws to a close, it is nice to be able to say what a great time we had together...

Until next voyage, Shipmates,

Yours Aye,

Captain Gav

Please find attached a Voyage 20/07 Poem by Kate Brown

On the 1st of December
We joined Young Endeavour
Excited but nervous
And enjoying good weather

There was Gemma and Nathan
Inkie, Jimmy and Dy
Lia, Sarah, Alice
Brooke and Suzie

Alex, Tommy, Steph
Shimila and Teegs
Jake, Peter, Roy
And of course Mr Lees

Maggie, Anita, Gambella
Kate Red and Kate Blue
Meg, Matt and Adura
That's all the youth crew

And then there was Gav
Captain for the first time
And Hector to always
Keep us in line

Jess, Whips, Jase and Lindsey
Watch leaders Blue, White and Red
Sandon, Trish, Sumo and Jarod
To keep us all fed

Day 1 was interesting
And full of new things
Sails and ropes
Life jackets and rings

We all climbed the mast
A job very well done
Some of us loved it
But for some it wasn't much fun

Day 2 began early
To the sound of Hector's voice
Get outta bed youth crew
You ain't got no choice!

From furling to clewing
And learning to tack
We all came to realise
There was no being slack

Now most of the youth crew
Were doin' it tough
Hugging the side of the boat
As the sea was a bit rough

That night in our watches
We looked after the ship
On lookout and steering
Before off to bed for a kip

At midnight and 4
We were called out of bed
To tack the ship
Because land was ahead

At Day 3's morning brief
We saw Whips in a dress
And Sumo as Nanna
Had cleaned up our mess

Poor Steph with a bung arm
Had to go see the doctor
So the rest of us had Sandon
As navigation instructor

That night there was adventure
For watch white and watch blue
Climbing the foremast
In the wind and rain too

Day 4 we all had to
Give a good scrub to the deck
Before Trish's talk on road rules
To avoid a shipwreck

After lunch Captain Gav
Gathered us in
For a talk on sails
And how they work in the wind

And then a highlight
Of our time out at sea
We had anchored at Robe
And set ashore we were free

That night a BBQ
3 way chats and charades
All the youth crew
Were put on parade

And also that night
Another big treat
4 minute showers
And a full nights sleep

Day 5 it began
In a different way
An early morning swim
As a refreshing start to our day

After breakfast, with Nanna
We had a dance and a sing
A silly little song
About a rocket tall and thin

Apples and onions came out
Later that day
Good and bad things
We all had to say

Each watch had a chance
To try something new
Tacking stations we swapped
Red to white; white to blue

As weary young sailors
We all craved some rest
But a tack through the night
Would put us to the test

At morning brief on Day 6
There was laughter and fun
When Jase gave birth to Jarod
The son of a gun

Mid-voyage talks
Another lesson from Gav
Demonstrational tacks
How much fun did we have!

The ship was a buzz
At the sight of some whales
But all we could see
Was the splash of their tails

It was a miserable start to our 7th day
In the wind and the rain
But at happy hour Hector announced
Prizes for dead flies we all could claim

A smooth morning of sailing
When out came the sun
We all had time to ���chillax'
Before more work had to be done

Rope races with Sumo
Had watch against watch
Who knew boat animals best
Or could tie the best knot

We were then put to the test
On setting and furling the sails
Captain Gav wanted to be sure
We knew buntlines from brails

And then it was time
To hold a big vote
For Command Day positions
When we run the boat

Jimmy and Kate
Would each lead half a day
With Shimila and Tommy
To stop the boat going astray

The wondrous watch officers
Would be Roy and Jake
And with Sarah and Teegs on the sails
There'd be no mistakes

The crew's biggest worry
Were those nominated to cook
With Steph, Suzie and Meg
Would we all end up crook?

That night we were at anchor
So the times were quite cruisey
And the youth crew sat down
To watch a sailing movie

Another morning swim on Day 8
Got everyone out of bed
And after happy hour it was to Rye
All the crew began to head

Upon return it was back
Into the drink for a dip
And with toasties and tunes we rocked out
On the deck of the ship

At 1300 the games stopped
Coz Command Day had arrived
We accepted out mission and set a team ashore
From where navigation instructions would be derived

There were several tasks we'd been set
That we knew we could pass
And the first to tick off was our mural
Which really kicked ass

Up on the bridge Command Team 1
Got the ship on its way
But despite their best efforts the staffies stepped it
Coz Young Endeavour had started to stray

Once back at the helm Command Team 1
Had us going around and around
But through teamwork and good winds
Our desired direction was found

Once on course the ship powered on
Despite the wind dying away
Slowly but surely we were headed
To our destination, waypoint A

0100 saw it time
For a change in command
Captain Jimmy and Co had to keep the ship
On the course that the wind would demand

So on the through he night each watch had their turn
And to their Captain they were kind
Until half 5 in the morning when he woke them to tack
And then he changed his mind

At morning brief there was laughter with Pirate Pete
And of course our good Captain Jim
But the highlight for all was most definitely
An appearance by Aunty Ping

As the end grew nearer stress levels were high
As we tried to sail to our end destination
All hands were on deck and we worked as a team
Without any hesitation

We reached our location with time to spare
And set our BAT ashore
Where the 6 raised a flag and our anthem was sung
With the help of 8 more

Command Day was over and the ship hadn't sunk
Despite all we may have done wrong
As weary young sailors we went to bed
And let the staffies get us to Geelong

That night a debrief
On the past days events
Heard a mixture of
Critiques and complements

Day 10 we awoke
For a day full of fun
A half day sail with guests
From 9 until 1

The weather was good
Though we didn't sail too far
And with a film crew on board
We all felt like stars

We loaded on stores
Once our guests were away
And then Harbour furls
Filled the rest of the day

Our end voyage talks
Discussed what we had done
Then a BBQ dinner
As down came the sun

The end of voyage concert
Who knows what that will bring
Plenty of laughter
And perhaps Aunty Ping

And so tomorrow our voyage comes to an end
And we all go our separate ways
But we're tied together by what we've achieved
Over the past 10 days

The challenge and adventure have been second to none
These times we'll always remember
An amazing experience and the people we met
In those first 10 days of December