Well, ladies and gents, boys and girls,
Ahoy dear readers, tied up alongside Bulimba this evening as I write this, the penultimate log of our fantastic voyage from Gladstone and I must say, it has been a wonderful adventure.
With great power comes great responsibility, as we discovered today.
Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. With a skip in our strides and heads held high, today is time for our crew of 27 young Aussies to take STS Young Endeavour for our own.
Another lovely sunrise at sea, ladies and gents, boys and girls. Great to have you with us again. Yes, sunrise at sea! It doesn’t get any better in my opinion. Pity I missed it, slept in! Oh well.
Dear readers, t’was an epic day, which started with a blow from the south, late last night…
What happens when you combine nine youths, an unknown challenge, a late night and remove the staff? An amazingly successful team building exercise, that’s what!
After a long night of anchor watches, the youthies woke to the pleasant aroma of Marcus and the master-chef assistants cooking up a beast of a BBQ breaky.
Ahoy Thar! Youthies Taylor and Liam reporting: First up, big birthday wishes to staffie extraordinaire and red watch leader KARLY. Day 3 brought many joys to our youthies and staff crew...
Ahoy there, dear readers. The morning of day 2 found us soundly anchored in the lovely and sheltered Quoin anchorage inside Port Curtis.