Brampton Island hike. Wolverine hunt. Fantastic sailing.
Remained at Stonehaven anchorage. Snorkelling. Tacos. 2/3 way talks. Tonights log is by Abi and Elijah.
One adventure ends and another begins... What's next youthies??
Exploring Whitsunday Island. Remaining at anchor Cid Harbour. Last night onboard.
Command day part 2, by Jaimee, Hannah and Tia. Intend remaining at anchor overnight in Cid Harbour, Whitsunday Is.
Command day log - Part 1.
Cruising the Whitsundays. Exploring above and below the water. Remaining at anchor overnight at Whitehaven Beach.
Two nights at sea. Last preps for Command day. Tonight's Captain's log by Hannah and Elyse.
Magnetic Island to sea. Remaining at sea overnight.
Sea to Magnetic Island. The days events as told by Shay, Joe and Will. Enjoy.