Departed Nara Inlet and proceeded to Abell Point for end of voyage.
Completed at-sea component of Command Day at 0900 and Staff Crew took the Ship to anchor in Nara Inlet.
Anchored in Cid Harbour and Youth Crew were ferried ashore to climb Whitsunday Peak. Remaining at anchor overnight. Moving to Whitehaven Beach anchorage in the morning for Command Day handover.
Anchored on the northern shore of Hook Island during the forenoon watch to enable the crew to snorkel in one of the best spots in the Whitsundays. We sailed in the afternoon for their last night at sea before Command Day.
After doing an early morning transit through Solway Passage, we did a flyby the boats anchored at the southern end of Whitehaven Beach and then anchored at the northern end. We then put the crew ashore at Hill Inlet to walk up to the lookout and then play some beach games.
After a run ashore to Middle Percy Island this morning, we weighed anchor after lunch and commenced our passage to the Whitsunday Islands. In the afternoon we did our first session of Tacking Stations and then rotated the Watches through the other Watches' positions so they experienced what their Tacking duties entail.
Came to anchor on the northern side of Middle Percy Island early afternoon. Remaining here overnight.
After embarking our final 2 Youth Crew members we conducted the necessary training required then the Ship weighed anchor and proceeded to sea, commencing our passage to Middle Percy Is.
Ahoy there Shipmates,
Alongside Gladstone Marina awaiting arrival of more Crew Members whose travels delayed due lockdowns.