The rain never really stopped last night and with the strong SE breeze the only positive thing was that we were running with it. In basic terms it has been awful sailing weather.
Had a fairly slow start today not getting underway until after lunch. There was little point anyway as there was very little wind until then.
The ship continued to run up past Fraser Is last night wearing at midnight to close the coast and clear Breaksea Spit.
We had a good run up the coast last night although it was everybody up at 0400 to wear ship as the wind backed to the SE.
Everybody got to the topgallant yard last night, which was a great effort for day 1. At 0800 we had our flag raising ceremony followed by morning brief.
Another 24 eager youth crew joined the ship this afternoon for the voyage from Brisbane to Gladstone. At 1530, I formally welcomed them onboard and introduced the staff crew.
With our special guests embarked we sailed at 1000 and enjoyed a lively sail in Moreton Bay. Our newest crewmembers had a ball and got involved in all aspects of sailing the ship.
Having sailed into Moreton Bay the ship anchored off Moreton Island after lunch. The boat was launched and the crew were ferried ashore to the beach for a sports afternoon.

With Youth Crew in command, anchor was weighed shortly after 1100 yesterday in light and variable winds.

In preparation for command day, the final set of sail drills was conducted in the afternoon.