Dear readers, t’was an epic day, which started with a blow from the south, late last night…
What happens when you combine nine youths, an unknown challenge, a late night and remove the staff? An amazingly successful team building exercise, that’s what!
After a long night of anchor watches, the youthies woke to the pleasant aroma of Marcus and the master-chef assistants cooking up a beast of a BBQ breaky.
Ahoy Thar! Youthies Taylor and Liam reporting: First up, big birthday wishes to staffie extraordinaire and red watch leader KARLY. Day 3 brought many joys to our youthies and staff crew...
Ahoy there, dear readers. The morning of day 2 found us soundly anchored in the lovely and sheltered Quoin anchorage inside Port Curtis.
Ahoy there fellow sailors, land lubbers and followers, it was a great pleasure to meet the lovely youth crew of Voyage 11 today in Gladstone, comprising 27 Aussie youth, from all states bar the NT.
Ahoy shipmates...welcome to Gladstone. After a restful, if windy, night at anchor, a grey and cool morning greeted the youth crew as they arose for their penultimate day on Young Endeavour.
Ahoy shipmates...well a challenging night.
Ahoy shipmates...Command Day so technically I'm on holidays. Over to the Youth Crew. Fair winds Cap K.---------- Captain’s Log day 8 Calvin & Francesca
Ahoy shipmates, greetings from a windy Great Keppel Island. Yep, you guessed it...still battling south easterlies.