Ahoy shipmates...Day 5...a cracker! We were treated to a glorious summer's day in JB and, as usual, kept the youth crew busy (see below).
Ahoy shipmates...Day 4. After a steady night of sailing up the coast we have made it to Jervis Bay. And a busy (and windy) day it's been.
Ahoy shipmates...Day 3...a day spent under sail (mostly). The good news is the youth crew seem to have found their sea legs rather quickly, aided by calmer seas and being kept busy.
Ahoy shipmates...and welcome to a very busy Day 2.
Ahoy Shipmates...welcome to Voyage 15/19...the penultimate for 2019 (Sydney to Hobart to go).
Ahoy shipmates, and greetings from a somewhat windy Eden, and an eventful Day 10 (see below).
Ahoy shipmates...Command Day Part 2 and Cap K is still on a break...over to Captain Will.----------Ahoy there shipmates.
Ahoy shipmates...Day 8...Command Day, and Captain Kenny has left the building (temporarily!)...over to Captain Will and his merry bunch!
Ahoy ship mates, and greetings from Chain Bay (Batemans Bay). Judgig by the efforts of Jess and Aisha...not much for me to add...Command Day looms. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.----------
Ahoy shipmates! After our overnight dash down the coast we are safely at anchor in Jervis Bay...and that's about all I need to say.