Ahoy shipmates, and greetings from Port Arthur. Kirsty and Tess have very eloquently covered the days events, so I'll be brief.
Ahoy shipmates...Day 4.
Ahoy shipmates...welcome to Day 3, and Bass Strait. The weather Gods have been kind to us and overnight we had some fantastic downwind sailing under square sails.
Ahoy shipmates, welcome to Day 2. The more observant amongst you may have noticed a slight error in last night's log...it is the 75th Sydney to Hobart, not the 175th...finger problems.
Ahoy shipmates, Merry Xmas and greetings from the 175th Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.
Ahoy shipmates...Day 10...and the final Captain's Log for Voyage 15/19.
Ahoy shipmates and greetings from Sydney Harbour.
Ahoy shipmates...Day 8...Command Day...Captain Kenny is on a break! Over to Captain Ben and his cronies. Captains Log Day 8 V15/19
Ahoy land lubbers...Day 7...and Command Day looms!
Ahoy shipmates...apologies for the delay...technical difficulties ashore (power outage apparently).