Ahoy Shipmates....sadly for the final time this voyage. A warm morning greeted the YC as they arose to prepare for what would prove to be a very busy Australia Day.
Ahoy Shipmates...I am officially on holidays (for 24 hours at least). Over to the lovely Annie...fairs winds...Captain Kenny. Ahoy to friends and family from the salty seas off Sydney.
Ahoy Shipmates...greetings from Hunters Bay, Sydney Harbour. But more about that later.
Ahoy Shipmates...day 6 and bloody headwinds!
Ahoy Shipmates...greetings from the very aptly named 'Snug Cove', Eden. Overnight we had a very pleasant sail up the coast past Gabo Island in light conditions.
Ahoy Shipmates...well, another magnificent day at sea. Overnight we made our way across the northern edge of Bass Strait and as I write we are about 70nm south of Eden, our destination for tomorrow.
Ahoy Shipmates...welcome to Day 3.
Ahoy Shipmates...greetings from Bass Strait. And what a busy day we have had.
Ahoy Shipmates...It's good to be back.