Hi Everyone,

Today we passed the halfway point of our crossing of the Great Australia Bight and continue to make good speed in strong conditions.The swell has now increased to 2-3m which has made it challenging for all onboard but we should start to see the conditions start to improve from late tomorrow.

Have had a good day of sailing in stronger conditions and are currently making good speed across the Great Australia Bight.

Following a short but very pleasant visit to Middle Island we have now commenced our passage across the Great Australian Bight and are enjoying good sailing conditions.

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 2 of our voyage.

Hi Everyone,
Fleet Base West to Esperance

Ahoy-hoy folks, I hope all is well. Please enjoy Captains Log for today...

Day 2 - The basics

Day 2 of Voyage 01/16 - Fleet Base West to Esperance.

Finding their feet

Day 1 of Voyage 01/16 - Fleet Base West to Esperance.