Welcome to day 8 of our voyage. Late this afternoon we officially reached the Roaring 40’s! 

Welcome to day 6 of our voyage.

Welcome to day 7 of our voyage. This morning we awoke to find that we were ‘a painted ship upon a painted ocean’ with not a breath of wind and not a ripple on the ocean.

This morning found us close to the Mallory Seamount which - due to the unique weather conditions - has a very unusual swell which we found ourselves in the middle of. To be honest it felt like being in a washing machine and needless to say, we got away from there as quickly as possible. By lunch time we had cleared this area and were enjoying a much more pleasant sea state...

Today started with 25 knots of wind gusting above 40 Knots; being able to see the ocean coming over our bunk port hole. Breakfast required ninja skills of attempting to catch your maple syrup before it rolled off your pancake. Impressive skills displayed by the ninja chefs, Jenko, Matt, Bec and Rebecca

Late this afternoon in moderate to strong south westerly conditions the ship was called to tacking stations and we successfully completed our first set of tacks as a crew. This is an important activity early in the voyage as it demonstrates that we can work efficiently as a crew to put the bow or stern of the ship through the wind when we need to alter course or have a major wind shift.

Ahoy there family and friends, let the adventures begin! As 24 of World Voyage Youth Crew shuffled on board, many a little tired from either jet lag or making the most of their short stay in Cape Town, the feeling of excitement was palpable. We started the afternoon with the usual: meet and greets, checking out of Customs, safety briefings, ship tours and a night climb to the top of the rafters overlooking the busy Cape Town waterfront...

Currently berthed at Jetty No 2 at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town and experiencing light 4-8kt SE winds with nil swell. Current temperature is 18 degrees. 

Rio - Cape Town

Welcome to day 27 of our voyage and the last night at sea for the Passage Seven World Voyagers

Rio - Cape Town

Welcome to day 26 of our voyage