Hi Everyone,
G\\'day viewers, Captain gunna here fror the final time. It was up early this morning to clean up the ship and prepare ourselves for the arrival.
G\\'day Shipmates,
Having wrestled command back from Rory yesterday I\\'m also back on line with the evening Captain\\'s Log.
Youth Crew Captain Rory here, giving you an update on the 24 hours of that was Command Day. The past 24 hours have definitely been challenging but I am happy to report success on all fronts.
Command Day is underway so I will now hand over to Captain Rory and his motley YC 10/10.
Overnight the ship sailed within the confines of Hervey Bay necessitating the ship to wear (gybe) about every four hours whilst the YC put the finishing touches onto their training in preparation for
We all woke this morning well rested and excited at the prospect of stepping ashore for the first time on this voyage.
Day break had us sailing northwards with all squares set making good ground enabling us to wear ship and shape course into Hervey Bay at 0700.
Despite the rock and roll anchorage I think most of the crew managed to get a good nights sleep and those who had been suffering from seasickness were mostly cured.
Last night the ship sailed throughout the night making good ground northwards. Nearly all watches and therefore nearly all YC, managed a climb during the night and sails were set and furled as well.