As the winds abated over the night, this morning brought with it a calmer sea and a better passage speed. Sydney seems so close now, we can almost smell it.

Life at sea is always interesting. There's always something new to learn or something different to see. Last night we learnt that there is sometimes a calm before a storm!

Today was another quiet day. After the normal 0900 morning brief and a celebrity Happy Hour of Deck Day, it was time for a Met lecture and lunch.

Today was a lovely day with clear skys and favourable winds. The highlight of the day was rotational tacks where all watches got to rotate through the other two watches tacking stations.

After a delightful sunset last night, we farewelled New Zealand landfall at around midnight.
There was an air of anticipation as every one woke this morning.
Sight seeing was the name of the game today!

What a day today has been!

After a long but productive evening conducting sail setting and furling, climbing the foremast, rounds, helming and various other watch duties the Crew of Young endeavour awoke to the dulcet tones of

Day two of Voyage 05-07 commenced at the early hour of 0630 - a time according to some of the Youth Crew, that was way to early!