Situation at 1800:
Situation at 1800:

We're off on Voyage 03 of 2002. We got away on time and our Youth Crew (YC) gave friends and family the traditional YE wave to say goodbye.
We won again.
Command Day is now complete and the YC did a great job of getting the ship from Dromana to Melbourne via Portarlington. Several tacks
At 0630 hours this morning the YC took over control of the ship. They even did a washdown by themselves so they started with clean decks. I handed command to Megan .........
A big day out. Last night the 'Bear' teamwork exercises went really well and to make things tougher we threw a tack in during the night.
Last night we stayed at anchor, watched a movie and ate popcorn.
We made across Bass Strait and made it to Western Port where we are now anchored. The thing is with Bass Strait it is all or nothing.
Early this morning we departed Grassy Harbour in thick 'pea soup' fog and set sail to head north. By 1400 hours the fog was as thick as ever - we could just see the bowsprit.
Last night we left the islands (the Fleurieu Group) off the north west tip of Tassie and with a freshening breeze made landfall on King Island early this morning.