The YC put on a great concert last night with some very original acts. This morning we weighed anchor for the last time this Voyage and sailed over to this berth.
Wind conditions overnight required the YC to tack several times in order to get to Albatross Bay on time. They stuck to the task, took on the chin whatever came and persevered.
Last night we had a great rest after many days of round the clock watches, tacking and sailing. At wakey, wakey this morning the YC took over the ship and had a great breakfast going in no time.
Last night we departed Endeavour Strait and turned south into the Gulf of Carpentaria. It got a bit rough (not that rough) and a few of the crew got a bit queasy.
At 4am this morning we rounded Cape York, the most northern tip of Oz. We did a lot a sail handling last night, adjusting our speed so that we would arrive off Possession Island at 8am.
Again we flew up the coast, through some narrow passages between the reef and the mainland, meeting many fishing trawlers and merchant ships enroute.
After making great speed overnight we arrived off our desert island before lunch today.
Last night we didn't get much wind but by later in the day we were screaming along at 8 knots and sailing by some spectacular coastline. Reef on one side, rugged scenery on the other.
Last night was our first one at sea this Voyage. It went well - there's been no seasickness, lots of climbing aloft and changing of sails though.
Today was frreeezing. Well, it was about 18C but it didn't stop us from having a swim to cool off after a hard day's yakka learning the ropes.