Early this morning we went for another swim. That's 6 swims this Voyage and must be a new record. The YC packed and wrote farewell letters.
Our day with the Prime Minister and distinguished guests was excellent.
The real story of what happened during Command Day reads like this.....

Youth Crew entry by Karl Harisson, 23, of Brisbane.
I handed Command to Karl Harisson and YC 04/01 (a fine bunch) and we got going straight underway, (which would explain why we haven't had Happy Hour yet).
Last night we conducted the 'Bear' teamwork exercise, which went really well and brought out some good learning points.
Today we cleaned, ate, polished, climbed, sang, set sails, furled sails, brailed sails, laughed, clewed sails, slept, ran, swam, got stung, swung on a swing, screamed, dived, sailed, pinched, spewed,
After a good nights' sleep we were up early this morning for some exercises. After a great breakfast cooked by our lovely chef, Karen, and served by her trusty helpers, we got the day underway.
Our Youth Crew are doing really well so far and are getting into the swing of things. The sailing has been great and we've managed to set all but one sail.
Last night was pretty bumpy but we had some good sailing. At midnight we wore ship and headed back towards Australia and made landfall at 7am.
The overnight climbing and knot tying went well. The Youth Crew were up again at 0630 hrs after keeping a 4 hour watch on deck and today, as always, the learning curve has been very steep.