After a wind swept evening where a strong nor'easter helped us move to our destination, we woke up to see a monolith, similar to Uluru, looming on the horizon.
After the howling winds of yesterday, the winds abated overnight and by this morning we were becalmed on a painted ocean.
After three way talks last night some of the Youth Crew did a spot of fishing at anchor. Apart from a seal scaring away all the fish, not too much happened.
Overnight we motor-sailed towards the most southern part of the Australian mainland.
The expected weather front only amounted to about 20 knots and it brought heaps of rain as we entered Bass Strait last night. Today the pace was easier after the hectic pace of yesterday.
Today went really well.
Hi everyone.
The Voyage has ended for YC 16/00. There were many sad faces and fond farewells. The YC were very harmonious and they had some memorable adventures.
We are now at anchor doing our end of voyage jobs, like furling the sails, talking about our experiences and getting ready for the concert.
This morning at 0800 I handed command of Young Endeavour to Tony Baker, from Brisbane and the youth crew of Voyage 16/00.