For our final day the weather started off foggy and cold. All the Youth Crew were rugged up in wet weather gear and laid aloft to man the yards for the arrival home.
The Command Day finished at 0800 this morning when Tom Strong, Nigel Thembrow and David Boon guided the ship through Sydney Heads and to anchor in Rose Bay.
After a night at anchor where much discussion was held about plans for Command Day, I handed Command of Young Endeavour to Emma-Jane Ford, 23, of Bellingen, NSW and Youth Crew 15A/00 at a ceremony at
After a peaceful night at anchor in the serene surroundings of Jervis Bay, we rose early for morning exercise - we also went for a swim.
Well we certainly have experienced all types of sailing conditions this Voyage. The Youth Crew had a taste of some very strong winds overnight.
The Youth Crew were in an excellent mood when we cast off lines and sailed from our overnight berth in Hunter's Bay.
Early this morning Red Watch weighed the anchor and got the ship underway. We departed Broken Bay whilst it was still dark and the rest of the crew slept.
Last night we sailed down the central coast with following winds. The Youth Crew are starting to take on a real feel for the ship and making every moment count.
Overnight we sailed north east to Port Stephens and arrived there as the wind started to ease.
After a night spent at anchor, it was up early for some morning activity - Pauly style.